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Pesticides May Be Killing Bees — Why Is The World Surprised?

Posted by infinitygoods on August 28, 2007

While scientists are still scrambling to figure out what has been killing tens of thousands of bee colonies nationwide and pesticide companies are busy claiming that their products kill bugs and insects yet somehow discriminate bees, beekeepers know in their hearts that they have solved the riddle.

Many of them are no longer renting their bees to pollinate farms where pesticides are used, especially ones known as neonicotinoids. It was easy for beekeepers to figure out. Their bees go in pesticide-using fields and get sick and die. Their bees go in pesticide-free and organic fields and they thrive.

So my recommendation to all of us is to rush out to our local farmer’s markets and buy organic produce and honey. Not only will we be helping the beneficial bees but also local farmers, our environment and our own health and well-being.

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