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WFMW Plastic Colander Bath Toy Drainer/Holder

Posted by infinitygoods on September 19, 2007

Our baby liked to have plenty of toys in the tub, but how to easily drip dry and store those toys? Nothing on the market seemed right. Those suction cups with fish net bags would fall off and I was concerned that mildew would collect. At first I tried a plastic bowl. It was easy enough to collect all the toys after bathtime, but water at the bottom was still a problem. I searched the baby aisles, the bath aisles, the toy aisles but could not find anything just right. Then I went to the kitchen aisle and found a brightly colored plastic colander. Perfect! Not only was it easy to collect all the toys and drain, but to our child the colander itself became a toy and a water experiment. Lots of time was spent sinking, floating, pushing, pulling that colander through the water and bubbles. It was easy to rinse off and its home in between bathtimes was at the bottom of the empty tub. It was equally easy to transport to the sink or the other bathroom too if needed.

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9 Responses to “WFMW Plastic Colander Bath Toy Drainer/Holder”

  1. mommy-fied said

    hey, hey, hey guess what? I just started using a plastic colander to keep bath toys too. No kidding. Just last week. I used to keep it in a plastic tub but as you said, water at the bottom was a problem. But I never thought of letting my kids play with it as a toy too. Great idea.

  2. Great tip!! I have this same problem and have tried every product on the market without success. I’m adding a colander to my Target list right now…

  3. You know what I used, and works great? It is a white mesh toy holder (for hanging stuffed animals in the room?) I hang it over the hook, and all the toys sit pretty and drain nicely. Wish I thought of that for the first three kids.

  4. Melissa said

    amazing idea! i will use this tip! thanks for sharing!

  5. canearl said

    This is a great idea!

  6. Such a simple solution – I wish I had thought about it when our kids still used bath toys. The great thing about it is, you can still use the colander after the kids have outgrown the toys!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. infinitygoods said

    Thank you for your comments! This was my first post on WFMW and I am so glad you liked my idea. Mrs. Brownstone does bring up a good point, when the kids are too old for bath toys the colander can be reused in the kitchen. I really like reusing — I think it’s even better than recycling!

    Thanks again for stopping by!

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  9. Jes said

    Thanks for the tip!!! I’m gonna get one. 🙂

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