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Infinity Goods is 88th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress

Posted by infinitygoods on September 20, 2007

UPDATE: Infinity Goods is now 5th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress!  Please see post for October 29, 2007. 

UPDATE: Infinity Goods in now 6th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress! Please see post for October 11, 2007.

UPDATE: Infinity Goods is now 35th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress! Please see post for October 5, 2007.

Thank You, Readers!!

I’m so glad you’ve been reading my blog, and thanks to you, according to WordPress I am the 88th top-fastest-growing blog. It’s no small feat because WordPress is also the most-used blog tool in its category. Below is WordPress’ Stat List for Sept. 20, 2007. Just scroll down to #88 and you’ll see Infinity Goods! I hope you’ll all stop by to check out the store, a Marketplace for God’s People, and keep reading my blog.

Thank you and please tell a friend!

Blessings to you all,
Infinity Goods

September 20, 2007: Growing Blogs

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    soy el actor principal de mi propia película(mi vida)

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    Toda la información relevante del municipio de CASPE, Zaragoza.

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  75. அலசல்

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  76. knittingjuju

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  77. Right Opinion

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  78. Zero Per Gallon

    goatless. guaranteed.



  80. Side Effects May Vary

    Rants and musings of a current medical student

  81. Lushhome :: Online news and information on Singapore property

  82. le Syndicat Gantois des Bon Vivants

  83. David Goes Tel-Avivi

    A diary about my experiences as a law clerk in Tel Aviv and, hopefully, my becoming a real Tel-Avivi in only 3 months

  84. My Photos

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  85. Fast Wonder

    An Open Culture blog

  86. Old Fart at Play


  87. Sean L. Berdy

    You make your own imagination and you make it real.

  88. Infinity Goods blog — a Marketplace for God’s People

Whew! That’s a long scroll, but worth it! 😉

2 Responses to “Infinity Goods is 88th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress”

  1. AnimeSwan said


  2. Doug said

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I’m bookmarking this for future reference. Some of these I already do, so the point resonated most strongly with me. Keep feeding the creativity.
    I am currently on holiday so, for this reason, I’ve nothing better to do than surf the web for art, lie around and update my blog. Well, more or less anyway.
    Doug C

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