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WFMW: Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags in the Car

Posted by infinitygoods on September 25, 2007

I always have on hand some plastic grocery bags in my car. Over the years I have reused them in all sorts of ways.

Garbage gets tossed quickly and easily instead of being scattered throughout the car. When baby gets car sick, the soiled outfit goes in a plastic bag or two and the smell is contained too. No need for a Diaper Genie in the car, just use a couple plastic grocery bags until you get to the nearest garbage can.

When there’s an impromptu trip to the beach, wet bathing suits or seashells, rocks and other treasures go right in too. Car trouble or something dirty to touch, a bag becomes a plastic mitten. If a child walks into mud, the shoes and socks can go in the bag, too.

Toys, especially balls which can get very dirty, can easily be carried by the child to the park from the parking lot. The dirty balls or sandy toys won’t soil a good canvas tote bag or basket. They can be used as a temporary tossable liner as well.

I’m always finding a new use for them and it’s good for our environment to reuse. It actually saves money, energy and time to reuse before recycling.

For this tip and more, see Rocks in my Dryer.

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Religion Sells Cars

Posted by infinitygoods on September 25, 2007

Used car salesmen have a reputation, and new car dealers aren’t too far behind, but a few have found that flaunting their religion helps them build trust with their customers.  Here are a few that I’ve found along my travels through life, and I think they are on to something great.

At the Premier Pontiac Buick GMC dealership in Seymour, Texas, Derek Williamson puts a Bible in every car sold there.  “I put it on top of everything in the glove box,” he told the Wichita Falls Times Record News.  He puts in one Owner’s Manual for the car and one “Owner’s Manual for Life” in the hopes of helping people and for his customers to know they are buying from a good, honest Christian.

“Maybe if they just think there’s something more important in life than what’s going on right now.  I don’t want anything in return.  I just want to help somebody,” he says.

Bob Smith, a Scion Toyota dealership in La Crescenta, Calif., and a BMW Mini dealership in Calabasas, Calif., not only advertises in the Los Angeles Archdiocese’s The Tidings, but he also lists the name of the churches he and his employees attend under their smiling faces pictured in the ads.  Some even graduated from religious universities.

Jerome Ruzicka, a used car salesman in Chatsworth, Calif., and classic car enthusiast, helps churches in the Los Angeles area sell the cars that are donated to them.  In turn his reputation as the “car guy” has grown through the church’s “seal of approval,” becoming a mutually beneficial relationship and also building long-term friendships along the way.

Ruzicka is also active in the Classic Chevys of Southern California Show held at Rancho San Antonio, a Los Angeles Archdiocese Boys Town in Chatsworth, where they celebrated their 25th annual show in May.

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