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Thank You, Readers! Infinity Goods is 35th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress

Posted by infinitygoods on October 5, 2007

UPDATE: Infinity Goods in now 5th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress!  Please see post for October 29, 2007.

UPDATE: Infinity Goods in now 6th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress! Please see post for October 11, 2007.

Thanks to you, dear readers, I have gone from #88 to #35 in just 14 days!! It is great blogging for you, reading your comments and e-mails, and I look forward to many more interesting conversations with you. I am so glad so many of you return to my blog and store each day. Together we can continue to grow and evolve. Please tell your friends.

Again, thank you!

Blessings to you all,
Infinity Goods

Scroll down to #35 and you’ll see Infinity Goods.

October 4, 2007: Growing Blogs

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    Programming, tinkering – Lionel Lemarié

  2. Troubled Ramblings of a Jaded 20-Something

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    Turismul romanesc 2.0 )

  5. sperimentAZIONI

    appunti e sperimentazioni informatiche, windows e linux. E miei pensieri sul mondo digitale.

  6. See Mike Draw

    The funniest cartoons on earth – guaranteed!* (*guarantee not actually guaranteed)

  7. The Worst of Perth

    The worst examples of architecture, writing, design, culture and humanity in Perth Western Australia

  8. Lebbeus Woods

    Just another weblog

  9. Clockwork Gamer

    Massively Multiplayer Opinions

  10. Heat Wheels

    Heat Is Cool

  11. P3n9u1m’$ Pl4c3

    Quem disse que para ser o melhor tem que ser dificil!!!!

  12. Desk Zone

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  13. Laijnen

    I morgon är en annan dag

  14. pSit

    –we like our cities, that’s why we change them–


    soy el actor principal de mi propia película(mi vida)

  16. Os Cavaleiros de *Ouro*

    Just another weblog

  17. let me bore your mind

    welcome to daniels world – daniel? daniel prell? dont know? dont care…

  18. Loëki ’s Weblog

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    a place for learning…inspiration…originality!

  21. Gravitas for Homeschools

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  22. Interfaith Fast to End the War in Iraq

    From conquest to community. From violence to reverence.

  23. Seguidors de Jordi costa (antic club de fans)

    Agror en garrafa :: “rajades”, curiositats, parides, gols i sobretot molt bones estones. Benvinguts!

  24. Cavatica’s Ramblings

    To China and Back

  25. Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

    Live. Laugh. Scrap… We love playing with stamps, ink and paper to create the most beautiful cards, scrapbook pages and […]

  26. Shamaniac

    Into All Things Shamanistic? Look No Further.

  27. یک آماتور

  28. Anima Tactics – Unofficial blog

    The world has changed…

  29. Stelle – Cooking

    Prácticas y Temas de cocina

  30. Taste Goblet

    food. delicious food. that’s all that matters, no?

  31. Doggygirl’s Dog House

    If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

  32. Our Class Blog

    Just another weblog

  33. The Grid Live

    News on Second Life and Beyond

  34. Zazzle Contests

  35. Infinity Goods blog — a Marketplace for God’s People

Here I am, #35! 🙂

2 Responses to “Thank You, Readers! Infinity Goods is 35th Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress”

  1. lazyaussie said

    I’m glad you posted, because I didn’t realise I was number 7 until you did! See you in the top ten baby.

    The Worst of Perth

  2. infinitygoods said

    Hello Aussie,
    Interesting blog you have. Glad you were able to find out you were in the Top Ten, I’m there too now! Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment.

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