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Thursday 13 #3 — Halloween Costumes We Have Worn

Posted by infinitygoods on October 25, 2007

Thursday 13 Banner Pumpkin

With Halloween in less than a week, I am sharing with you 13 last-minute costumes we pulled out of our closets and toy box accessories for Halloweens past.

  1. Pirate (complete with tatoos using mommy’s makeup and also mommy’s costume jewelry)
  2. Farmer (think overalls, straw hat and a bit of straw in the mouth)
  3. Punk (jeans and LOTS of hair gel and makeup, add a few small hardware store chains to look tough)
  4. Angel (mommy’s white dress with Christmas garland for a halo. We used a garland with tiny golden stars. A trumpet, a paper scroll or silk lilies can complete the look.)
  5. Shepherd (daddy’s oversized shirts with a scarf for a belt and the baby blanket or any piece of cloth for the head and a stretchy headband to hold the headpiece in place.)
  6. (King) David (Basically the shepherd costume with a sling hanging from the belt) and
  7. Goliath (Daddy is the Goliath accessory. Cardboard armor spraypainted gold, and a broom handle with a foil point for a spear.)
  8. Harry Potter (mommy’s black, knee-length satin robe over child’s everyday school uniform, funny nose prop from a birthday party favor — just take off the nose and keep the round glasses, print out the Griffindor badge from the Internet, mommy’s makeup for the lightning scar.)
  9. Train Engineer (we happened to have an engineer hat from a birthday party favor, jean overalls, scarf around neck.)
  10. Knight (Mommy’s fancy black sparkly sweater became chain mail, black tights or sweats, toy sword, helmet and shield)
  11. King (use plastic or paper crown and parents’ fancy clothes. Adults knee-length will become child’s full-length. Make sure it’s not too long so that they don’t trip!)
  12. Caesar (Any white sheet or cloth. Small silk wreath on head. For humor add a Hawaiian shirt and a camera and suddenly Ceasar travelled through time and he’s on vacation)
  13. Doll/Clown (Mommy’s make up to the rescue once again!)

I hope that sparks some ideas for you. We haven’t found the need to buy those ultra expensive yet super cheaply made party store costumes yet. In the dark of All Hallows Eve we wish you will have a cackling good trick or treat time. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha !!! …… (I sure hope you heard my attempt at humor with my laughing witch and my spookily haunting music in the background! 😉 )

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9 Responses to “Thursday 13 #3 — Halloween Costumes We Have Worn”

  1. jenn said

    Those are all creative ideas!
    Happy TT!

  2. Christine said

    Fun and useful! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

    Happy TT!

  3. Christine said

    Shoot, sorry 😦 My link is

  4. Excellent ideas here. But, I love Halloween, so that doesn’t surprise me that I enjoyed your list.

    Happy T T-ing

  5. Katia said

    Great costume ideas! If and when I ever have kids, I want to have homemade costumes, too – those cheap things at Walmart or wherever are pretty pathetic, if you ask me! 🙂

    Happy TT – and Happy Halloween!

  6. Damozel said

    Excellent suggestions! It’s so much more fun to make your own. I really don’t know why anyone wouldn’t…takes all the fun out.

  7. 4urpets said

    I would like to share Thursday 13 by listing 13 of my favorite blogs from infinity goods:

    1. Life Saving Tips for Children in Cars
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    10. Flavor and Flowers at Farmers Market
    11. Japanese Centarian Club Quadruples
    12. Thursday 13 #3 – Halloween Costumes We Have Worn

    And my very favorite is

    13. Adventures in Barbecuing!


  8. infinitygoods said

    Thank you, 4urpets! I see you are a regular reader and fan of my blog. I’m glad you joined in with your own Thursday Thirteen. If you like these, I’m sure you’ll like to participate at You write your own post of 13s and list it on their site. Then other TT fans come visit you on your blog, and you are encouraged to visit other TT participants as well. It’ fun and people’s creativity shows through. Thanks for reading my blog, and feel free to post your comments again. It’s great to know I have regulars!

  9. infinitygoods said

    Thank you, all for sharing your comments. I agree, Halloween can be so much fun, and those store-bought costumes are so pathetic and it takes out all the excitement and creativity of making your own costume. I think children learn and grow far more by using their imagination, creativity and skills rather than just buying one. That only teaches them consumerism and how to waste money rather than save.

    Happy Thursday 13!
    Happy Halloween!

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