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WFMW — Freezer Solution

Posted by infinitygoods on October 30, 2007

You know those little square plastic tabs that keep bread bags closed? Most people send those to the landfill, but I save mine.

Each time I cut open a bag from my freezer such as frozen vegetables, tater tots, etc., I reclose the bag of what’s left using those nifty little tabs.

It’s easier than the wire twist ties, rubber bands, string or transferring to a zip bag.

It’s one more of my little ways to save the environment. It saves me money and it’s my solution on how to keep my veggie bags from opening and causing freezer burn to my foods.

It worked for my mother-in-law who gave me this solution when I was a newlywed, it’s worked for me all these years, and it will work for you too.

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8 Responses to “WFMW — Freezer Solution”

  1. hoganfe said

    Oh great tip thanks!

  2. Amy said

    good idea! πŸ™‚

  3. Milehimama said

    I use them as scrapers for pots and pans too. I lost my nylon scraper for my stoneware, but these work just as well!

  4. Martie said

    Ahhh, yes, we are like-minded! I do this too. And when my brother was visiting he used one of those as a guitar pick! Good stuff! Thank you.


  5. 4urpets said

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to start saving those little square tabs. Do you have a tip on where to store them so they don’t get lost before you use them?

  6. Milehimama said

    I put mine in the silverware drawer in that extra space they all seem to have above the fork and spoon slots. I keep an extra milk cap or two in there as well.

  7. infinitygoods said

    Milehimama: Thanks for your tips too! Extra milk caps? In case you lose the one on the milk bottle? Or do you have a special use for it?

    Martie: A guitar pick. That’s great. I remember as a child I would always lose mine.

    4urpets: My mother-in-law would store them on the inside door of one of her cabinets. She put in two small screws connected by a string and would attach the tabs to the string. I used to put them in a small glass custard cup, but when I had a baby I thought of putting them in a baby food jar. This way there’s a lid and they can’t spill out.

  8. Milehimama said

    Milk cap is because the one on the jug is always disappearing!

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