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WFMW — Holiday Decorating Tips and Ideas

Posted by infinitygoods on November 6, 2007


Today’s Works For Me Wednesday carnival is reversed. Instead of me giving you tips and ideas, you give them to me and my readers.

With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year all coming in quick succession, I’d like to know about your best holiday decorating tips and ideas. Let us know what makes your life easier, what makes your house a home, what your guests and family ooh and ahh about, what traditions you keep, what collections you have. Do you decorate a tree, a nativity, an outdoor menorah, a front door? We want to know and be inspired by you.

I’ll see you on your blogs and I’ll be trying to answer as many of your questions. Don’t forget to stop by Shannon’s for a list of all the participants. And remember, you can comment even if you don’t have a post listed on Shannon’s page.

I’m participating in Chili‘s Holiday Shopping List on November 12. See my post for more details about what I’ll be doing and be sure to come back here on the 12th (and daily too because I LOVE a blog home filled with great reading guests like you and I’m also participating in National Blog Post Month so there’s lots to read).


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  • Don’t know what NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo are? Read all about it here and here.
  • Want to know why I’m participating in both? Click here.

3 Responses to “WFMW — Holiday Decorating Tips and Ideas”

  1. jen said

    I decorate the first weekend of December…I did see at Better Homes and Gardens where the new thing for wreaths was to do 3 of them on the door at different sizes they have a great holiday website….

  2. writmm said

    We live in a small, crowded home. We decorate a tree every year and we fill it with ornaments that are anywhere from 1 year old to 40 years old. We don’t have a theme in our house, we just try to make it more Christmassy. We put a wreath on the front door. We hang lights and we have a few yard ornaments. We hang garlands of tinsel around the archways in our homes. And we hang homemade snowflakes from the ceiling.

  3. Tanya said

    The thing that gets commented on the most is the scent in our home, especially at Christmas time. I have those plug in things with “Holiday Spice” as the scent, as well as candles with cinnamon or spice like scents.

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