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WFMW — Organizing Household Binder

Posted by infinitygoods on November 13, 2007



I love to organize with binders. One of my favorite binder is my household binder.

In a regular school binder I put in sheet protectors and add all my household warranties, receipts, and manuals like the ones for my washer/dryer, my dishwasher, my air conditioning, my roof, my blender, etc., etc., etc.

In that binder I also keep information about who installed them or who repaired them, such as business cards of my plumber, bug exterminator, roofer, electrician, etc.

If a friend recommends a service provider, I add it in too, along with the name of the friend’s name, the date and any comments.

It’s not information we need often, but when we need it, we need it fast and we need to know exactly where to find it.

When I add something to it, I take a minute to look through for any obsolete papers which can be thrown out.

When it comes time to move, I can give all the appropriate paperwork to the new owners and I add my latest coupons for the local pizza and Chinese takeout for an easy moving day dinner.

I first saw this system used when I was a teen and my parents purchased a new home. The housing developer gave them just such a binder with all the appliance manuals, recommended service providers, local schools, phone numbers for cable, utilities, newspaper, etc. and my mom and I liked the idea so much that all these years later, we still use it.

I think Realtors could use this idea too.

It really works for us! It keeps our homes organized.

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6 Responses to “WFMW — Organizing Household Binder”

  1. Shannon said

    I love this idea. Thanks! I do something similar for dinner. I keep a monthly dinner calendar of stuff I cook so that I can look back to get ideas. I also keep recipes and other stuff in there. I love it!

  2. Amy said

    Great idea! I have two paint swatches on my fridge because they are the colors I used to paint my girls bedroom. I keep thinking I need to put them somewhere beside the front of my fridge.

    Sounds like I need to start one of these binders. Smart realtor your parents had.


  3. mommycracked said

    I really need to get my act together and do this. What a terrific way to keep everything together.

  4. Jeni said

    Good idea – seems like something that could easily be stored in a kitchen drawer or desk. That would be a lot better than the stack of manuals somewhere in our spare room…

  5. Nicole said

    I have good intentions of putting one together but haven’t. You’ve inspired me. Thanks!

  6. Tanya said

    Good tip! I have a file folder for all owner manuals and such, but a binder for all of the other stuff would be handy. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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