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No Nativity For Archbishop of Canterbury

Posted by infinitygoods on December 20, 2007


The Archbishop of Canterbury says there was no virgin birth, no magi (only a legend), and no star, among other blabberings.  This is coming from a religious leader of the Christian faith, but since atheism keeps creeping into our churches, even an Archbishop no longer believes in the biblical nativity.  I found all the details on Tad Cronn’s blog, so head over there to read his editorial on the Archbishop’s heresy titled The Archbishop of Can’t Be: Atheism in the Church.

2 Responses to “No Nativity For Archbishop of Canterbury”

  1. 4urpets said

    You might also want to read, “Vatican Nativity Does Away With The Manger” at

  2. infinitygoods said

    That would be a very scary article indeed if it were true. I am researching more about it and will let you know what I find. The article you mention is very inflammatory and not based on named sources though.

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