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Organizing Household Resources In An Address Book

Posted by infinitygoods on January 1, 2008

wfmwbluebanner.jpgI once read about a bride who was raving about a wedding gift her grandmother had given her. Over the years, I’ve created my own, and created others for family and friends, and I can tell you firsthand that it not only has worked for all of us, but it has been an invaluable and time-tested resource.

The bride had received an address book, but it wasn’t just any blank address book. The grandmother had filled the book with information from all the businesses she had used and recommended over the years such as doctors, painters, insurance agents, craft stores, bookstores, etc.. The grandmother annotated each listing with the name of the contact person, when and why that business was used and why that business was so great.

Now my grandmother didn’t live in my area, and my husband and I at the time were both brand new to the area with no family and no friends yet, so I immediately saw the value of such a great resource. I started my own by keeping my ears wide open for when people raved about someone, and I also asked lots of people lots of questions.

For example, when you casually poll 100 neighbors, co-workers, etc. on where to get the best pizza in town, you quickly get a top 2 or 3. And I found that many people would also volunteer more information like where to get the best Chinese food.

Pretty soon, some of these people would also become favorite resources because their recommendations were always right on the mark. Likewise, a few people were no longer asked because their advice was not valuable to us.

We learned by trial and error, but over the years we’ve collected excellent resources which I also keep in a separate household address book with business cards tucked in when available.

I also cross-reference to find things easily. For example, Joe’s Roofing is recorded under Joe, but it’s also recorded under Roofing. Like the grandmother had done, I also annotate to help my husband if he’s looking through the book and to jog my own memory if I’m the one recommending the business to someone.

It’s become a very valuable address book for us, as it had for that granddaughter, and I’m sure it would work for you or your children. For more participants in this week’s Works For Me Wednesday, be sure to visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer.

If you’ve missed any of my other organizing ideas and household tips, just click below.

7 Responses to “Organizing Household Resources In An Address Book”

  1. Britni said

    How do I get a copy of this book? I wish it had been on my wedding gift list!

  2. Peggie said

    WOW! What a good idea, not just for brides, but to give to new people to the area or your church as a welcome. I moved to Texas from the northeast. I am on my husband’s native turf, but he does not seem to even know what is here. I feel like I am in the middle of nowhere with nothing interesting around. A book like that would sure be a blessing. I think I may start one and then I would have it to pass on to people like me. Thank you sooooooo much!

  3. Rebecca said

    That’s a REALLY good idea. Thanks!

  4. Great idea! We moved to a new town two years ago–had no idea where to eat, which doctor was best for kids, cheapest supermarket, etc. I was just crossing entries out of the yellow pages of companies/restaurants/service providers we didn’t like, but love the annotated address book idea! A copy would make a wonderful Welcome Wagon gift to a new-to-town friend! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Amy said

    What a neat idea! That would also be a great housewarming gift for new neighbors, especially where I live as we frequently see military families who are from out of state.

  6. Tootie said

    What a creative and thoughtful gift! I bet this would also work to for personal contacts – addresses/phone numbers for friends and relatives. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Super idea! And thanks for listing your other WFMW posts, you seem full of great suggestions!

    Happy New Year!

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