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Thank-You Note How-To and Sample Ideas

Posted by infinitygoods on January 1, 2008

It’s easy to write a thank-you note if you keep it short and simple. It doesn’t need to be long. It could even just be a small card preprinted with the words “Thank You” that you simply sign and mail. These days so few people send thank-you notes that you’ll really make someone’s day. Just keep it simple and keep it sincere, and it’s never too early to teach children to send a thank-you because even a newborn can draw a scribble.

Here are some samples:

  • Thank you! I love it!
  • Thank you for (fill in the blank). It was such a pleasant surprise on Christmas morning.
  • You made my day! Thank you for the (fill in the blank).
  • So sweet of you to remember that I like _____ . Thank you!
  • Thank you for thinking of me. You are such a thoughtful person.
  • Thank you for _____ . It will be so useful for _____ .
  • I’m so lucky to have a friend like you. The _____ is fantastic. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you doesn’t seem enough for a (fill in extravagant gift), but you leave me speechless.
  • Thank you so much! You are great!
  • Thank you for being so nice. I love the _____ .
  • You couldn’t have picked better. Thank you.
  • Thank you for _____ .
  • Thank you so much!
  • Sweets from a sweet person like you are twice as nice. Thank you for remembering me on (fill in occasion).
  • Enjoyed your homemade treats. Thank you for taking the time to make (fudge, toffee, etc. fill in the blank).
  • Thank you for thinking of me this Christmas (or appropriate occasion).
  • I always love your gifts. Thank you for being such a special (fill in the blank, friend, mom, sister, etc.).
  • Thank you. You’re the best.
  • I will have so much fun (reading, eating, etc. fill in the blank appropriately). Thank you!
  • Love it! Love you! Thank you!
  • Thank you!

Pay It Forward With A Letter will give you more details on the lost art of letter writing. For more on why you should resolve to write thank you notes, see Time For The New Year And Thank Yous.

7 Responses to “Thank-You Note How-To and Sample Ideas”

  1. Robin said

    Here in Israel no one has ever heard of written thank you notes, not even for weddings or other major gifts. On the other hand, I’ve often received a personal phone call from the bride the morning after the wedding to thank me for attending and for the gift. Either way is fine with me, but it is certainly nice to be acknowledged.

  2. jennifer said

    Great tips. Thanks. I never know what to say.

  3. Vickie said

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog today! Wow, I am glad to have found your blog. Such great things on it. I am going to have to take more time to look around. Thanks again!

  4. amber m. said

    The art of the “thank you note” is slowly dying. Thank you for the great reminder!

  5. Annie said

    Thanks! I’m printing out your list to prompt my kids’ Christmas thank you’s.

  6. Great suggestions–for all the writing I do thank you cards aren’t my strong point 🙂

  7. Sally Bennett said

    Thank you notes are a formality, but also a sign of civility. As a child, I was never allowed to get by without writing thank-you notes for even the smallest gift. One is acknowledging the giver as much or more than the gift. The idea that someone thought enough of you to give you something deserves a thank you. But a society with a sense of entitlement believes they are “owed” expensive things, therefore they disdain the simple gifts and think they are not worthy of ackowledgement. Unfortunately, some of my grandchildren have that mentality.

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