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How Do You Organize Your Home?

Posted by infinitygoods on January 8, 2008


Today’s Work For Me Wednesday theme from Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer is to ask our readers a question. With the new year upon us, I ask all of you how you keep your home organized. What is your best tip or advice? It can be for any room in your home, including your garage. It could even be for a small portion of a room such as a kitchen cabinet, a desk or the refrigerator.

Be sure to leave a comment for the next person to find some tips and ideas and be sure to come back in a few days to see everybody’s ideas. In the meantime I’m going to your blogs to see what you all have to say and to leave lots of comments of my own. Happy Wednesday!

9 Responses to “How Do You Organize Your Home?”

  1. Angela said

    A little at a time, cleaning as I go, trying not to dump and being realistic. I also try not to keep things that aren’t needed, and limit things that I do need. And I use clear storage containers. I try to buy things once. If that means I wait longer to save more, do more research and buy the best one for me instead of the cheapest one I’ll do that. Really its keeping it real and building/making appropriate storage where it is needed. That is vague but it works.

  2. Sharon said

    My tip is for the linen closet/medicine cabinet. I have all of my smaller items in plastic shoe boxes. These go in the long way (with the smaller side facing out). On the inside of the side that shows I tape an index card with the name of the items in the box. I use categories and have room for about 6 of the boxes. I have one for toiletries, contacts, stomach remedies, bandages, etc. This works very well for me. Every once in a while you have to go through and get rid of the expired bottles etc and this is your chance to make sure things are still organized.

  3. Meredith said

    Found you via Six In The Country! Nice to find your blog.

    My best storage tip is to get rid of more stuff. Whenever I “need” to buy more containers and organizers, I can usually just declutter instead.

    I’ve been posting a weeklong series on How I Store Stuff, if you’d like to see some photos instead : )

  4. Jendeis said

    I take 5 minutes before starting my going to bed routine to straighten everything up, put dishes or glasses away, etc. The trick is to do it in 5 minutes or less so you don’t start obsessing.

  5. Purge all you can! The less you have to organize, the less you have to organize, you know? Containerize everything! Organize something every day and take that extra moment to correctly hang clothes, put items in their correct spot, etc. to keep it that way. Organization builds on itself and will rub off on the entire family. Think of how when you visit someone’s home you’re careful to leave the bathroom just as you found it–sink dry, hand towel neatly folded, etc. and show your own family that same respect!

  6. Containerize, containerize, containerize. My label maker is my bestest friend.

  7. 4urpets said

    I have a very small waste basket by my kitchen table. When I bring in the mail, 99% of it goes in the waste basket. That keeps my table from being loaded up with junk. The rest of my house is a total wreck! 🙂

  8. Gina said

    Although I am not completely clutter-free, my rule is “unless I love it or HAVE to have it, I chunk it.” Now what you have to have is dependant on what you are trying to achieve in your life. I am trying to be frugal, so having a huge pantry and a storage place for clothes that one child has out grown and waiting for another. We are lucky to have a huge barn to store out of season things that heat won’t destroy, but I still do not want a house full of junk.

  9. One organization tip that I have is that I hung a clear plastic shoe organizer thingee in my pantry (on the pantry door). Love it! It has really increased the amount of stuff I can have in the pantry.

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