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Multi-Tasking My Way To Leisure Time

Posted by infinitygoods on January 22, 2008

wfmwbluebanner.jpgLife is busy and if we want to squeeze every bit into 24 short hours, we have to multi-task and it’s all in the timing. Here’s a couple of examples that allow me time to read, blog or best of all, enjoy quality time with my family.

First, I let my appliances help me multi-task. I’ll fill my crock-pot, load my washing machine and my dishwasher, and I have 1-2 hours to go grocery shopping (I get to avoid the noise) or vacuum or just play.

Then, I’ll load my dryer — no rocks, please — and unload my dishwasher while the dryer and crock-pot are still going. I usually still have at least a half hour for another task or more play.

In the same amount of time it takes to do one load of laundry, I’ve also washed my dishes, cooked dinner and shopped for groceries, plus I’ve either done two other tasks or I’ve done two fun things.

On a cold winter day, my morning routine helps me relax. First, I’ll throw something in the oven (I either took something out of the freezer the night before or I prepared something the night before. It could even be something store-bought.)

The hot oven will warm my kitchen/great room 5-10 degrees, saving on my heating bill while I cook for my family.

Then I’ll put some water on the stove to boil. If I’m getting on the computer, I’ll turn it on now, because it would make me wait otherwise. There’s no need to stare at a screen that long. Every few minutes saved throughout the day add up to hours at the end of the day and week.

While the water and computer do their job, I set the toaster and prepare my cup. By the time I’m ready, the water has boiled and the computer is waiting for me.

I have the luxury of a leisurely breakfast while I’m cooking lunch and enjoying some Internet time (or a great book).

Making sure I rarely do only one task at a time helps me save up hours, it works for my sanity and I get to spend more time with my family.  How do you multi-task or save time for your family and yourself?

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3 Responses to “Multi-Tasking My Way To Leisure Time”

  1. mom2fur said

    I like the idea of letting the computer ‘warm up’ while you do something else. I also don’t believe in down time–if I’m that ‘down,’ I’ll take a nap, LOL! Sometimes, it takes a while for something to load on the computer. So I’ll get up and go do something else, like load up the dishwasher. I rarely just sit in front of the TV. I always have to be doing ‘something,’ whether it is straightening up the room or crocheting or cutting out a sewing pattern.
    I’m like this even at work. I work in a pediatric office. I’ll spray down the exam room with Windex, and while it is ‘soaking’ (I believe in giving cleaners time to ‘do their thing,’) I’ll organize files or pick up toys.
    I think I’m a bit of a fuss budget in that I can’t sit still very easily. Alas…it doesn’t help me to be thin, though, LOL!

  2. 4urpets said

    You have some really good tips. If you don’t multi task when you clean, you will never get it done. Seems like I poop out around noon, so I start multi-tasking the next day too. 🙂

  3. infinitygoods said

    Mom2fur & 4urpets: Isn’t it great to get so much done? I also let my cleaners “soak”!

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