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Thirteen Ways To Keep Warm Without A Heater

Posted by infinitygoods on January 23, 2008

Thursday 13 Number 15


It’s pretty cold out there in most of the United States, even out here in California. Here’s 13 ways to keep warm without turning on your heater or at least keeping it set at a lower temperature.

  1. Wear layers and a sweater;
  2. Use one or more throws;
  3. Sleep with several blankets or down comforter;
  4. Wear socks;
  5. Wear slippers;
  6. Drink something hot such as tea;
  7. Bake something in the oven;
  8. When done, let your oven cool down with the door open;
  9. Eat soup or chili;
  10. Use a heating pad to warm up your bed or lap;
  11. Hug your pets;
  12. Hug your spouse;
  13. Use your fireplace.

And if you’re desperate because your heater broke down, you can even wear gloves, a scarf and a hat and be sure not to read any books about the Donner Party.

Wishing warmth to you all and a happy Thursday! For more participants, visit Thursday Thirteen.

5 Responses to “Thirteen Ways To Keep Warm Without A Heater”

  1. Robin said

    I hope this wasn’t prompted by your heater breaking down!

    I love chili on a cold day. In fact, I’m going to a girls’ night tonight where the whole menu is warm you up stick to your ribs food :).

  2. Laura said

    great reminders…it’s not even that cold here in VA, and I’m wearing socks, sweater, and shoes, and drinking my hot coffee! Happy T-13!

  3. 4urpets said

    When I get a “chill in my bones” and can’t get it out, I draw a nice hot steaming bath and soak until I get warm. Then I put on my jammies and slippers and sit on the couch with a nice warm blanket and three dogs.

    Now, that’s what I call warm….

  4. We do all those things except for the fireplace. We don’t have one. Happy TT.

  5. Nicholas said

    It doesn’t get that cold here in Florida but that doesn’t stop me drinking large amounts of tea!

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