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Hit The Road, Junk! And Don’t Come Back No More!

Posted by infinitygoods on January 29, 2008

wfmwbluebanner.jpgI hate junk mail. I think most of us do. It goes straight from my mailbox to the garbage can and I even have to pay for this nuisance and inconvenience to be hauled away.

Yet I had never taken the time to look for all the addresses and websites to contact to discontinue these pesky intruders. That’s because I never realized just how much of a problem it was until I went away for a month during December/January. I asked one of my kind neighbors to collect the mail for me and when I returned, my jaw just dropped at the sight of how much junk mail had accumulated.

I promise you I am not joking or exaggerating when I tell you that he handed me a huge gift bag larger than a paper grocery bag and it was even literally bursting at the seam! Boy was it heavy. About as heavy as my husband’s 20 lbs. free weight — maybe even more, but I don’t want you to think I’m exaggerating, so let’s just say 20 lbs.

So at first, I thought it might be full of Christmas catalogs (and I love looking at those) or maybe too many of our friends and family didn’t hear in time that we would be out of town and sent their Christmas cards to the wrong address. I knew it wasn’t bills because we do all of that on-line and by phone.

As I was sorting through the mail I made 2 piles: “To Read” and “Garbage”. My “To Read” pile had 2 free professional photography magazines, 1 bank statement, 3 Christmas cards, 1 bill payment confirmation and one newsletter. That’s it — 8 pieces of mail for the entire month and EVERYTHING ELSE WAS JUNK MAIL. … !!!!

So I took matters into my hands and searched the Internet for those addresses to rid myself of that junk because enough is enough! It will work for me soon and I’m sharing with all of you so you don’t have to take the time to do all that address hunting on your own. I just know it will work for you too.

  • These culprits are already making a buck at our expense:
    • Direct Marketing Association ($1 for 3 years only, then you have to re-register) =
    • They also have this consumer assistance page to help you be removed from e-mail lists, phone lists, etc. and get a deceased loved one off of lists too.
  • These guy are selling protection insurance! (Who do they think they are, the Chinese and Italian Mafia put together?)
    • Green Dimes costs $20 and they’ll bribe you by donating a portion of your hard earned money to plant 10 trees =
    • Forty-one pounds costs a whopping $41 for 5 years only, but they’ll do you the favor of letting you chose which environmental organization you want a portion of your money to be donated to — now remember, you don’t get the tax credit for those donations because you received a service, but they do! =
  • Now here’s a few ways to not get in those mailing lists in the first place:
    • When you buy a product, be sure NOT to send those warranty cards in. You know the ones. It’s those cards that tell you you must register to protect your item for 30 days. If you don’t, they won’t fix it for free plus the shipping and handling which is twice the cost of a brand new replacement. And, oh yeah, by the way, which junk mail are you interested in receiving?
    • Buy, rent, join, subscribe only with companies which respect your privacy and guaranty it in their privacy policy.
    • Don’t donate money to anyone or if you must support that nasty generous habit of yours, donate anonymously by sending a money order with no name or donating in person so they won’t get your name and address (they’ll still give you a receipt), or go to where they send your donation for a processing fee and promise not to give out your information to anyone.

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7 Responses to “Hit The Road, Junk! And Don’t Come Back No More!”

  1. Alana said

    We signed up with a couple of months ago. It has taken a little time but slowly we are beginning to see the effects in our mailbox. They were very easy to deal with and well worth the price. Thank you.

  2. Tootie said

    Good topic. I definitely want to get rid of the junk mail, and I think your tips will help. Thanks!

  3. infinitygoods said

    Thank you Tootie and Alana for commenting.
    Alana, I am so glad you’ve let us know about your positive experience with 41 Pounds. That helps all of us.

  4. sanjdimes said

    GreenDimes here,

    Great. Now you’ve just given the junk mailers another purpose in life – fitness training! Crunches with credit card offers. Curls with Christmas Catalogs, pilates with Victoria Secret spreads… Hilarious post.

    -Your Anti-Junk Godfather

  5. 4urpets said

    I will try some of your tips, but I don’t know if it will work. I am on the “do not call” list and I still get telemarketers calling me every day.

    This is what I like to do with my junk mail.

    I save all of my junk mail and once a week I go through it.

    I save all of the postage paid envelopes and I stuff them with all the junk mail I saved for that week.

    I put them in the mailbox for the United States Postal Service to pick up and the junk mailer gets junk mail from me!

    And they used their own money to get junk mail.

    It doesn’t stop the junk mailer from junk mailing me, but I feel like I get a little revenge and they get to fill up their trash with junk mail. πŸ™‚

    I think it’s a pretty clever idea.

  6. ames said

    Great tips, I can’t stand all the junk mail that we get! And I *know* that it was Comcast who sold them all my name because it’s misspelled just like it is on my Comcast statement, all because I went and got their digital phone service, bah. I don’t even accept any incoming calls to the phone line because they are all solicitors too!

  7. runningamuck said

    I’ve been swimming in junk mail, like everyone else and I’m so excited to have ideas of where to go to stop as much of it as I can. Thanks for the great tips! =0)

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