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Surrender To God Or You’ll Surrender To Satan: Chapt. 10 Purpose Driven Life

Posted by infinitygoods on February 16, 2008

Superb Starlings by Jay Kilifi on Flickr public files

Previous chapters can be found on the Purpose Driven Life page.

“So then, my friends, because of God’s great mercy to us … offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to His service and pleasing to Him. This is the true worship that you should offer.” Romans 12:1

Most of us don’t like to be at the mercy of someone else. We like to be in charge of our own lives. But the reason for this is usually because of the fear that we will be hurt is some way, whether physical, or emotional. With God, we can take away that fear. God is love. He wants the best for us.

We can put our complete trust in God and listen to Him because He wants what is best for us. If we don’t listen to God, who will we be listening to? Rick Warren says “if you don’t surrender to Christ, you surrender to chaos.” Do you know what chaos is? It’s not just disorganization in your life. Chaos is Satan. Think about it. If you do not follow good, what do you follow? Not neutral. The opposite of good is evil. If you do not follow good, you follow evil.

I like to think that we need to be like little birds. God’s birds do not worry about where their next meal is going to come from. They just fly a ways and God provides some food. Birds are always happy and sing their praise from morning ’till night. We need to be more like these carefree little birds.

Chapt. 11

One Response to “Surrender To God Or You’ll Surrender To Satan: Chapt. 10 Purpose Driven Life”

  1. That is so true. I, for one, do not enjoy chaos in my life. But, my problem comes from not wanting to give up total control alot of the time. It’s something I constantly work on. I know God’s way is best.

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