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This Is A Happy Day!!

Posted by infinitygoods on February 18, 2008

Today is a happy day for my family and I want to share the joy with you as best as I can with a blog, so here are two happy YouTube videos for your enjoyment.


The Sun is Shining, Come On Get Happy,
The Lord is Waiting to Take Your Hand.
Shout Alleluia! Come On Get Happy,
We’re Going to the Promised Land!


Won’t you sing along? Everybody knows this one! There’s even subtitles.
I’m Singing in the Rain. Just Singing in the Rain.
What a Glorious Feelin’. I’m Happy Again.
I’m Laughing at Clouds. So Dark Up Above.
The Sun’s In My Heart!

4 Responses to “This Is A Happy Day!!”

  1. 4urpets said

    I wanna know what happy pill you took today? 🙂

    I wonder why you are happy…hmmm…

  2. sertop said

    Enjoted the vids 🙂

  3. Erin Craig said

    This is too funny that you posted the “Get Happy” video because I was just thinking about searching for it on youtube for my husband. When he is not in the best mood and I always sing him this song. He thinks I am crazy because he has never heard it. (I sang it in show choir in high school.) Thanks for posting it!

  4. mamacita said

    I love Singin in the Rain! I’m happy for you and your family. 🙂

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