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Worship Is Not One Size Fits All: Purpose Driven Life Chapt. 13

Posted by infinitygoods on February 20, 2008

Bold Tree by Zack Stern in Flickr public files

Previous chapters can be found on the Purpose Driven Life page.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Mark 12:30

How do you worship God? Do you have more than one way? Does it change with the seasons or as you have gotten older?

Rick Warren tells us to be accurate, authentic, thoughtful and practical. To be accurate, he tells us to know the word of God. To be authentic it must be genuine, heartfelt and with deep feeling. We should be thoughtful rather than merely going through motions and we should be living sacrifices. We should live for God, not for ourselves.

How do most of us measure up? Are some ways easier than others? Do you read the Bible? When you go to church to you go through the motions, barely even hearing the week’s message or are you fully focused on God?

We all have our good days and our bad ones of course. But how do we rate most of the time? What is in our heart? Are we going to church for God, for ourselves, for keeping up appearances?

Chapt. 14

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