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Never Fear, God Is Here

Posted by infinitygoods on February 26, 2008

Never Fear, God Is Here Photo by Infinity Goods
One of the wildflowers on the mountain you saw in last week’s Word Filled Wednesday. The yellow ones bloomed first. This week the orange ones are popping up in profusion. Our mountainsides have no concern for being irrigated, and each spring God provides an abundance of multicolored blooms. Wishing you all a worry-free Wednesday.

http://the160acrewoods.wordpress.comFor more participants Spreading God’s Word with Word Filled Wednesday, visit Amydeanne at The 160 Acre Woods.

5 Responses to “Never Fear, God Is Here”

  1. Lana G! said


  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! and a great reminder that even in life’s rockiest moments…God is never far..He is “right here”.

  3. Ellen said

    How beautiful. The truth to go with this beautiful flower is a great reminder….

  4. Elisa said

    What a gorgeous flower. Thanks for sharing the verse, too!

  5. Amydeanne said

    beautiful! I’m covered in snow, so the only flowers we get are from the florist!

    Happy WFW!

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