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A Harmonious Church Starts With Each Of Us: Chapt. 21 Purpose Driven Life

Posted by infinitygoods on March 1, 2008

Tree Green With 1 Sheep by Ing“Let us concentrate on the things which make for harmony, and on the growth of one another’s character.” Romans 14:19

In this chapter Rick Warren speaks about protecting our church, but what he says can also apply to all of our relationships whether with co-workers, friends, or a spouse.

Don’t you think his advise applies to all relationships? Our relationship with our church and its members, parishioners or congregation is very important because the church is important to God. Warren tells us “nothing on earth is more valuable to God than his church.”

Do you agree that it is your responsibility to protect the unity of your church? Does our church extend outside the 4 walls of the physical building? I think it does.

How many of these do you practice regularly, at church and all through the week?

  • Focus on what we have in common, not our differences;
  • Be realistic with your expectations;
  • Choose to encourage rather than criticize;
  • Refuse to listen to gossip;
  • Practice God’s method for conflict resolution;
  • Support your pastor and leaders.

Which ones are easy for you? Which ones are a bigger challenge? Are you prepared to follow Warren’s Bible-based advise? How often do you witness in church people focusing on differences, not being realistic, criticizing, gossiping, arguing or holding grudges, and perhaps even speaking out against your pastor or other church leaders? Does it seem unchristian?

Tomorrow we will begin Chapt. 22 on our third purpose: to become like Christ.

One Response to “A Harmonious Church Starts With Each Of Us: Chapt. 21 Purpose Driven Life”

  1. angelbrew said

    There are a few things from your list that I have had to work hard on to get them to become regular habits. But it’s amazing how encouraging people, instead of criticizing or constantly haranguing, goes a long way in boosting another’s self-esteem or self-confidence. I make certain I always do that with my little boy so he knows I believe in him (which in turn I hope gives him the courage to try whatever he desires or face whatever challenges may come his way).

    I think I still need to work on more realistic expectations, however… 🙂

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