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Please Advise :-)

Posted by infinitygoods on March 4, 2008

This Works For Me Wednesday Backwards Edition came at just the perfect time because I happen to need advise on several issues.  Please help me out and thanks for all your comments.

  • Which blog reader do you prefer and why?  (I’ve been using and loving WordPress Blog Surfer, but it only works for WordPress blogs.)
  • What is your favorite, easy to make/serve dessert for your family?  I often serve ice cream as it’s real easy, tasty and in hot Southern California it also cools us down, but I’d love your ideas or recipes for some more variety.
  • Our son is doing a poll for school and would like me to ask which presidential candidate do you DISLIKE the most and why?
  • Life is getting outrageously expensive.  The price of everything is going up except for paychecks.  What are your best ways of saving money and stretching your shrinking dollar?
  • It’s time to change cell phones, so which company are you happy with?  Which plan gets the most minutes for the least amount of money?
  • Can you recommend digital scrapbooking sites?

For more participants, be sure to visit Rocks In My Dryer.

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20 Responses to “Please Advise :-)”

  1. Girl you are asking all sorts of questions!

    I recently switched to Google Reader. It’s easy and works great. Love it. Didn’t know WordPress had its own reader. Interesting.

    Dh works for T-Mobile so we stick with their plan. Ha! I’m afraid we get a deal through the company so I can’t advise there.

    We stick to fruit as much as possible for dessert. Pudding with fun add ins – crushed graham crackers, brownie pieces, candy, etc – is something we do occasionally. Really there’s nothing better than ice cream so I don’t know why you’re searching for something else. 🙂

    Hilary – too strident, angry, superior, and brings Bill with her. Yuck.

    Hope you get some other helpful responses!

    Duckabush Blog

  2. Robin said

    I’ve only ever used Google Reader, but I’m happy with it and have no plans to change.

    Butterscotch brownies (made with butterscotch chips) make a super-easy dessert that’s always a crowd-pleaser. I semi-melt the butter and chips together in the microwave, so no hovering over a pot on the stove.

    Candidates? He’s not a frontrunner, but Huckabee scared the daylights out of me. If I didn’t already live overseas I’d have to seriously consider it if he won. Talk about trampling the freedoms this country was founded on, not to mention the Constitution itself…

    No help on the digiscrapping or the cellphone, unless you want to sign up with an Israeli company and pay oversees rates, but I’m thinking that would contradict the whole trying to save money thing…

  3. Hrm.. I don’t have an answer for ALL questions but I’ll do my best:
    1) I read blogger and typepad because they seem to load faster on my ancient equipment! 🙂
    2) We make a vegan chocolate cake and it is SIMPLE because we typically have all the ingredients on hand whenever the craving hits. I also make cookie dough and wrap it in a tube shape and leave it in the fridge. When we want cookies, I can bake up 6-8 of them at a time instead of spending all day baking dozens of cookies.
    3) Clinton. Mostly because I just don’t trust her but also because she always seems like she has something to prove. I don’t want someone making decisions for the country based on how she might be perceived.
    4) We are very frugal. To name a few: No car payments, no cell phone plan (spend $20 a month to be on my parents plan and use the phone only to call in our free circle). Only the basic cable package. No eating out. Not sure if you have a Kroger but we took out a Kroger MC and use it to buy groceries and gas at their pumps. We pay it off every month and earn free groceries and gas discounts for every dollar spent.
    5) Can’t help you with the cell phone issue. See #4. 🙂
    6) Again, no help here. Sorry!

  4. Amy said

    Cellphone– around here (SW Ohio) everyone we know has Verizon, because it gets the best service in this area. I think that might vary based on where you live, as our relatives in TN swear by Cricket phones.

    Dessert: we like fruit cobblers, canned fruit (esp. mandarin oranges), and pudding or jello. We’ll do “fancy” jello layered with fruit in wine glasses, or the same with pudding and cookie crumbs– the kids love it.

    I can’t stand Hillary Clinton. I don’t trust her. I feel like she will say anything to get ahead. I hate that she made herself eligible for this campaign by starting out with a mailbox address in New York, rather than having been an actual citizen there.

  5. Britni said

    Wow that’s a lot of questions. Here are two answers.. I like CVS for saving money, and my favorite dessert is either angel food cake with fruit topping or Striped Delight.

  6. Jessica said

    Candidate I dislike most: Hillary Clinton, because she’s acting like a catty teenage girl.

    CVS and shopping at Henry’s Farmers Markets saves our grocery bill and household products. I only get produce at Henry’s, it’s the cheapest compared to other grocery stores. Also, there’s a ton of money/frugal blogs out there. One of my favorites is Money Saving Mom (

    Cellphones? I like Verizon. It’s been good to me. I’m not sure how it compares in cost to other companies. But it works well for me since most of my friends and nearly all of my family have Verizon and since in-network calls are free/no minutes that works for me!

    Digital scrapbooking sites? I like Faith Sisters ( And once a week they have a free kit!

  7. Kristin said

    I love Verizon when we had them – We ended up having to switch our service to the new att/cingular service – we get dropped from our phone calls all the time now!! (Fewest dropped calls – ha!) I loved Verizon.

    One of my favorite desserts is Strawberry shortcake — I use pound cake – fresh strawberries & cool whip – slice the strawberries in the morning or evening before – pour in some sugar – stir. Then after dinner – slice up the cake, plop a nice helping of strawberries on top – top with coolwhip. YUMMMM this happens so rarely at our house, so I usually try to bring this with me for a potluck item — it is a refreshing treat at a potluck.

    I use Bloglines as my reader.

    Money saving tips and ideas – I learned everything valuable I know about money from Dave Ramsey – he has a TV show on the fox business channel – 8pm eastern time and he also has a Radio program – go to I love him. He teaches you how to get out of debt, stay out of debt and live like you mean it. It is tough love, with a christian heart.

    Have a Great Day!

  8. Gina said

    We use Sprint and are not really happy with it because it is expensive and calls constantly break up. We used to have T-Mobile and LOVED it. I don’t know why we changed? Oh yeah, my husband got mad at one of their rude customer service people. HA The candidate I dislike the most (well dislike is too strong); I’m scared of Barack Obama being president. I live in a racially divided city (unfortunately) and I can see him being pres. causing severe problems here. Also, his muslim background and seemingly lack of patriotism bothers me some.

  9. Gina said

    Also, Barack’s church supposedly doesn’t allow white members and I have never heard of something like this. I couldn’t be a member of a church like this.

  10. ohamanda said

    I think i’ll do 2 of yours…lol…

    I LOVE bloglines. It’s my very fave! I’ve only tried the google reader but i love bloglines best!

    My favorite ds sites:

  11. I’m fairly new, and have not yet used any kind of reader.

    We enjoy fruit pies, particularly strawberry.

    I’m not sure about the presidential candidate I dislike the most. Hadn’t thought of it that way before.

    Saving money. Coupons, shopping sales, Only buying what we need, using a budget, low/no cost activities (library, parks, etc).

    We use Sprint for cell phones. They have the best coverage for us. Plus, we get a discount (through spring) because I work for a state agency (they offer these discounts for various places of work, so check around!)

    I’m not much help with digital scrapbooking. I am still a very ‘old fashioned’ scrapbooker! 🙂

  12. I love Google reader because it’s simple & works w/any feed I’ve tried so far.

  13. Kristy said

    Just a couple answers:

    1. I used to use Bloglines, but now use Google Reader and I love it. A couple of the more advanced features aren’t quite intuitive, but for the basics, it works really well. Plus I like being able to view recent feeds from my Google homepage, too.

    2. I’m a big fan of fruit for dessert. My favorite company dessert is pound cake or angel food cake, fruit, and whipped topping in some form. Sometimes I set out platters of the different pieces. Sometimes I add vanilla pudding to the whipped topping and make trifles – either a full-size one, or miniature ones in smaller bowls or glasses.

  14. Kristy said

    Oh, and 3. Hillary Clinton. I just don’t trust her.

  15. mom2fur said

    Some great digital scrapbooking sites, and they all have freebie downloads:
    Ikea Goddess
    Amy W.’s Scrap-a-Lot
    Digiscrap Depot–TONS of freebies!

    Best way to save money:
    1)combining coupons with sales at the grocery!

    2) Menu plan! When you know what you’re having for dinner, you’re less likely to spend money on takeout.

    3)Start building a good stockpile in your pantry and freezer. If something you love and use is on sale, buy two and put one in your pantry. Better to reach for a 99 cent jar of mayo you have on hand than to run out and have to pay $3.49 at the store!

    4)Speaking of freezers, we bought a small one from Sears last summer for less than $200. It doesn’t take up much room and it is hands down one of the best household investments we’ve ever made!

  16. Thank you all for blessing me with all your wonderful comments. I figured most of you would pick and choose 1 or 2 to answer, but you are all so kind to take the time to give me your thorough answers, thoughts and opinions. (Keep them coming — I need all the help I can get on these.)

    I agree with all of you regarding Hillary Clinton. I am like Gina, I am most afraid of Barach Obama for his Muslim background, continued allegiance, his lack of patriotism and unamerican actions, and his so-called “Christian” church which does not preach love, but promotes hatred (and I didn’t even know they forbade white people.) If you are interested in more information, you can read where he has several articles on the topic. He is a newspaper editor and writes about some of the news which never makes it into the liberal media.

  17. 4urpets said

    A real easy dessert is “Pudding in a Cloud” which means pudding and Kool Whip.

    Candidates I dislike most? There are three out of three.

    1.Barak because of the controversial church he attends (I didn’t know they don’t accept white people), his “change”, whatever that means, his inexperience, and his extreme socialism.

    2. McCain because he is a liar (especially on the Illegal Immigration Issue, his McCain Kennedy Bill and him distancing himself from it, I hear he has a mean nature, and a big big ego;

    3. Hillary because she is Hillary.

    I love T-Mobile. I have had it for years. They have a nice plan and great customer service. I can call T-Mobile anytime and you will get a live person every time. They are a smaller company from Germany and you just get better service.

    I save money in the grocery store by staying out of the center aisles where all the unnecessary items are. I shop Wal-Mart for certain items, Trader Joe’s for certain items and Costco for certain items. I love the Dollar Tree. I don’t charge anything on a credit card because you wind up paying twice as much for that item. No savings there.

  18. I won first prize for this recipe at a Duncan Hines Festival recipe contest. It’s rich, so be sure to have a lot of milk on hand!

    You could also make just the peanut butter layer and pour it into a graham cracker crust, then top it with crushed Reese’s Cups (or your favorite candy bar).

    Peanut Butter Brownie Torte

    Brownie Layer:
    1 – 21 oz. box Duncan Hines Family-Style Brownie Mix (13″x9″ pan size)
    2 large eggs
    ¼ C water
    ½ C vegetable oil

    Preheat oven to 350 F for metal pan, 325 F for dark or coated pan. Grease bottom of 9″ round cake pan with shortening. In a large bowl, stir brownie mix, eggs, water and oil until well blended (about 50 strokes). Spread into greased pan and bake for 34-37 minutes (37-42 minutes for dark or coated pan). Brownies are done when toothpick inserted one inch from the edge of the pan comes out clean. Let cool.

    Snickers Layer:
    3 – 2.07 oz. (full size) Snickers bars, frozen

    Unwrap frozen Snickers bars and place into a heavy duty Ziploc bag. Tap gently with a hammer until broken into small pieces. Refrigerate or freeze until needed.

    Peanut Butter Layer:
    1 C heavy cream, divided
    ½ C creamy peanut butter
    ½ C sugar
    4 oz. cream cheese, softened
    1 tsp. vanilla

    In a medium bowl, beat heavy cream at high speed just until stiff. Set aside. In a large bowl, mix peanut butter, sugar, cream cheese and vanilla at high speed until well blended. Add half of whipped cream and mix at low speed until well blended.


    1 – Run a knife around the edge of the cooled brownie to loosen it. Turn out onto serving tray.
    2 – Sprinkle with two thirds of the Snickers pieces.
    3 – Spread the peanut butter mixture over the Snickers layer.
    4 – Spread remaining whipped cream over peanut butter layer.
    5 – Sprinkle remaining Snickers pieces on top.

  19. Mindy said

    I just started using Google Reader and I love it!

  20. azurirockstar said

    I use Google Reader because I’ve been using Google everything (especially Google notebook, that is an *awesome* app) and it’s pretty easy to subscribe (copy and paste the URL).

    For easy tasty desserts, I absolutely *love* puddings, not your basic chocolate or vanilla puddings, but self-saucing pudding and sticky toffee pudding, yum! I also have a quick and easy sourdough chocolate cake (also vegan) that takes no time flat to make, and I do the cookie dough stored in the freezer thing (though I’m seriously considering freezing it in pre-sized chunks because waiting for it to thaw out takes a while).

    Politically, Barak Obama just gives me a very unsettling feeling and I really don’t like the way he is always telling everyone exactly what they want to hear, even when it conflicts with what he said before. Very sketchy, very used-car salesman and I don’t like it.

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