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Amazing Photos For Thursday Thirteen #21

Posted by infinitygoods on March 12, 2008

Happy Thursday to all!!

I found these amazing photos on Flickr to share with all of you. Just hover over the photos to see the credits. Let me know what you think. Any favorites?
Happy Viewing! 🙂

Again Let’s Do A Panning Black Crowned Night Heron From Bali bocavermelha lb Flicker Public Files

Amazing Double Delight Rose Twins by RosePhotosEtc.

Amazing Mother Nature 2 by Festblues in Flickr public files

Amazing Mother Nature by Festblues in Flickr public files

Amazing Stormy Sky by Leonardo Martins Flickr public files

Dying Lovers on the Beach on Flickr Photo Sharing by Lewesrat

Lift Off by aussiegall in Flickr public files

My Secret Blue Paradise The Similan Islands Thailand by Ben in Flickr public files

Red Source by Chris archi3d Flickr public files

Sunny Side Up by code poet in Flickr public files

The Coco Walk by Jeri Daking in Flickr public files

The Sun Sets On Chateau De Chillon Lausanne by Pear Biter on Flickr public files

That’s it!

Hope you liked them. Please don’t forget to leave a comment so I can come visit you too.


15 Responses to “Amazing Photos For Thursday Thirteen #21”

  1. D. Sye said

    Beautiful shots! There seems to be top talent behind theses pics. Stay with it.

  2. Lazy Daisy said

    Wow, these are some awesome photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. They are all gorgeous, but I’d have to say the 4th one down is incredible. Happy T13!

  4. Nicholas said

    I like them all but I really, really like the thirteenth!

  5. damozel said

    Those are magnificent photographs—some of them look like virtual reality shots from Second Life (?) Beautiful! Thanks for gathering these!

    13 Hearts

  6. Bethany said

    Wow, those are amazing. Can you imagine being in the place where the person was when they took the last one!?! WOW! Great TT! 😀

  7. Ellen said

    Oh marvelous!! My eyes are twitching they had so much fun here…
    Have a wonderful week…

  8. Brenda said

    Those are awesome. I wish I had some of those photography skills, but alas, my pics can’t get past the ‘red eye’ and things sticking out of people’s heads. I’ll leave it to the pros. Enjoyed the eye candy. Have a wonderful day!

  9. 4urpets said

    Those are amazing pictures. What is that picture that’s mostly blue? Is that a jelly fish, or some type of fish. Whatever it is, it’s amazing.

    I love those pictures.

  10. 4urpets: 4th one down with the blues and multicolors is the sky.
    6th on down are Jelly fish (man of wars) from Florida.

  11. WOW! These are gorgeous! You have fabulous taste. I love the photo of the bee – look at that girl’s tongue is out, pollen on her leg. Fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Mercedes said

    I love all of them. I am really intrigued by the last photo! Here is my Thursday 13~Real Teachers:

  13. Gina said

    I love the last picture and of course, the flowers. The cat’s eye is amazing. What a wonderful Creator we have to give us amazing beauty like this.

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog! And for reminding me about Paperback Book Swap! I edited your comment on my blog to add a link to the Swap website, so other readers can find it easily. Thanks again, and good luck on my book drawing! Oh! Those photos are stunning!

  15. Erin Craig said

    These are great shots! My favorite one is the purple flowers!

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