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Saving Money When Bringing Home The Bacon

Posted by infinitygoods on March 18, 2008

I eat pork. What works for me is to stock up on pork and bacon around the time of Jewish holidays. One of my local grocery stores is within walking distance to 3 Jewish temples and their cup flows over with pork, pork sausage and bacon when any of the holidays roll around. Some Jews will eat pork during the year, but NOT during high holidays. So when the rest of the year, the store has just the right amount, during high holidays they simply can’t price it low enough to get rid of it. Just yesterday I went to that store and found 1 pound packages of organic bacon for 75 CENTS. You read right. They had so much of it that even on clearance they would end up with too much. It was NOT expired and two went in my refrigerator and the rest went in my freezer. I also found organic pork sausages for $1.75 a pound. Two packages were mixed in with my ground beef for meat loaf and the rest also went in my freezer.

I’m sure there’s a grocery store in your neighborhood near a Jewish temple and even if you don’t know when Jewish holidays are celebrated, most calendars will list them. Otherwise, keep an eye out for sales on Matzo, Kosher wine, candles, etc. and that will be the time of the high holidays.

What about you? How do you save money?


8 Responses to “Saving Money When Bringing Home The Bacon”

  1. That is a truly great tip! We eat a lot of pork and it does seem randomly priced sometimes–now I know why!

  2. mom2fur said

    Wow, who knew?
    Speaking of the holidays, a great time to get discounts is just after any given holiday. Most especially Passover. Stores will often have a special Passover aisle that will need to be cleared out when the holiday is over. I’m not Jewish, but I do look for many of the good quality Kosher items at this time. I’ve gotten vanilla for less than half price, and you know how expensive pure vanilla is! (I don’t, however, wait for marshmallow twists to go on sale. Man, do I ever love those!)

  3. Melissa said

    What a smart idea. I wonder if the same works for Mexican items on Mexican holidays?

  4. 4urpets said

    I save tons of money by staying out of Wal Mart.

    Hey, let me know where that store is. Also, I need for you to tell me when the Jewish Holidays are so I can go there. 🙂

  5. Holly said

    This makes good sense, thank for the info.

  6. Gina said

    That is a wonderful tip I had never thought of. Thanks!

  7. Texastanya said

    This post brought back memories. Once upon a time, when I lived on Mercer Island, the grocery store on the island always had pork on sale. The grocery store chain was required to purchase X amount of pork every week, but because it was in an area that was highly populated by Jewish people, pork was always on sale. My room mate and I cooked pork at least 4 times a week – I miss the days of expensive meat for discount prices.
    T 🙂

  8. Mercedes said

    As for bringing home the pork: Thank goodness for Jedd’s family having a farm (cows). Jedd’s Dad will have a pig slaughtered and processed for meat often. We have an unlimited supply of fresh pork and it is sooooo good! We also have an unlimited supply of fresh veggies during garden season and some frozen fresh veggies during the winter.

    Oh, how lucky!! Those are SOOOOO much better!! When I was a child, I lived on a farm for one summer and the meat, vegetables and fruits were all so much better. My aunt also had a summer house out in the country and her next door neighbors had a farm and would provide her with chickens, eggs, milk, butter, and cream. It was night and day with what you can get at the store, even compared with organic foods that are pre-packaged. I especially loved the milk still warm from the cow. I couldn’t drink store-bought milk for the longest time after that, because the store-bought tasted so horrible in comparison.

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