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BibleShared Will Work For You

Posted by infinitygoods on April 8, 2008

I’ve been using a new and free Bible reading program on-line and it has been a real blessing so I’m sharing BibleShared with you. Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Each verse provides a link to write notes in the margin.
  • Margin notes can be shared with the whole group, or a select few.
  • The recent notes list shows what people have been reading and writing about.
  • Notes can be filtered by the topic they are related to.
  • Comments help open up a dialogue about the Scriptures.
  • Bible reading progress is tracked as chapters are read.

You’ll also like to know that the creator of this program is a nice person. Rev. Nick Hauenstein is the youth director for his church. He came by my blog recently to comment on some of my posts about The Purpose Driven Life and he had this to say about BibleShared, “Until the last few years of my life, I’ve felt weird about writing in my Bible, but then I found so much value in it. Having has added to that because writing in your Bible can become a ministry, and reading others’ insights helps me as well. Truly iron sharpening iron.”

May it be a blessing to you.

8 Responses to “BibleShared Will Work For You”

  1. I’ve been using for some time now and it is FANTASTIC.

    I love it and I love the accountability it keeps me and just the ability to track my bible reading progress.

  2. Amydeanne said

    I started using this too! it’s pretty neat, isn’t it?

  3. Nifty! Heading over to check it out …

  4. Kristin said

    Thank You for sharing this. I can see how this can be beneficial to so many people.

    You stopped by my blog yesterday – Thanks!

    Have A Great Day!

  5. GiBee said

    Sounds very cool! I’ll have to check it out.

  6. Gina said

    I love Bibleshared!! It is an easy way to read the Bible.

  7. Jack's Mommy said

    neato! 🙂 thanks!

    I went to a christian school my whole life and have definately encountered those who felt it was wrong to write in their Bible. I wasn’t one of them though…my highlighted, broken spined, written in, underlined, dogeared, sermon-noted Bible (which I’ve had since 1996) is one of my favorite posessions!

  8. Laane said

    I’m sure many people will enjoy this tip.

    You can find out what works for me ::here::
    Have a wonderful day!

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