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A blog for God’s People



Infinity Goods is a marketplace for God’s people.

We search for wholesome products which would be of interest to families, in their quest for fun, education and religion.

We use the Amazon shopping cart to provide you with peace of mind and ease of use.

We write a blog for you to get to know us, what’s on our minds, feature some of our favorite products and to keep in touch with you by providing a sense of community.

We won awards, so go check out our awards page! 😉

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Matt said

    Thank you for thinking so highly of my mothers book “The Call to Brilliance.” We are truly flattered – and you made my day! (It’s only 10:36AM I guess I can go back to sleep then?)

    If you feel compelled to leave a few good words, if you have not, on the page, it would help our efforts to promote the book.

    Thank you again,

    — Matt AKA The Dancer

  2. Mercedes said

    I am Sharing the Love at my place!

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