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I Vant Your Blood!!! Help!!! I Need Your Blood!!!

Posted by infinitygoods on October 30, 2007

“I vant your blood” is a favorite saying for Southern California resident Mary Melton, not only around Halloween, but year-round.

It’s never a joking matter for her, and it is an even more urgent need right now because she lives in the seven-county region affected by the California Wildfires and hurricane-force Santa Ana winds.

The Red Cross is always in dire need of that precious liquid of life, our blood, but it is an even bigger need when there is a federal emergency like these fires and winds and during the fast-coming holiday season.

That’s where Mary and her Respect Life Ministry come in. That’s also where every single one of you reading this article worldwide can help in more ways than one.

Especially if you are not from Southern California, your blood, your time, your money is needed right now, so please tell a friend about this urgent need and this article because Sherry Nikirk, senior account manager American Red Cross Donor Resources Development, says, “We import 40-60 percent of our blood supply.”

To some people, to respect life simply means to be against abortion, but it’s much more than that to Mary. It means to love life from conception to a natural death, and for her, that includes helping the Red Cross through blood drives.

With a single blood donation, the Red Cross can help save not just one life, but three.

That means everything to Mary. “I’m extremely committed to pro-life issues, and this falls into that category. Saving people’s lives is a pro-life issue,” Mary says.

She is so enthusiastic about her volunteer work for the Red Cross through the Los Angeles Archdiocese’s Respect Life Ministry, which she heads at her local parish, that she raised enough blood donations to save nearly a thousand lives this year.

Though Mary does not dedicate so much of her time to promote herself or to get any recognition, the Red Cross awarded her second place in the religious category for raising 304 units of blood for the Southern California Region, which comprises seven counties and 381 participating religious groups sponsoring blood drives.

These are the same seven counties which are so affected by the California Wildfires and hurricane-force Santa Ana winds.

On a good day, without a quarter of a million people busy evacuating their homes and finding Red Cross shelters, hotels or unaffected friends and family willing to offer hospitality, only about one-third of the population can donate blood.

“It is now estimated that, due to our aging population and increasing numbers of people who are not eligible to donate blood, only 37 percent of our population is currently eligible to donate,” says Charles Wilcox, Chief Executive Officer of Southern California Blood Services Region. “This is a significant decline from estimates from years past that listed 60 percent eligible. The fact that only about a third of our population can donate blood makes it even more critical that those who can donate do donate,” he says.

Those who can’t donate blood can still volunteer their time, just as Mary devotes so many hours, or they can donate money. Better yet, you can do all three.

According to Sherry, the Southern California Region needs to collect more than 1,500 units of blood each day to meet patient needs. That’s regardless of whether there’s a federal emergency preventing Southern Californians from donating. The need for blood, volunteers and money exists in your community, your state and your country too.

So please, help Southern California victims and help your own community regardless of where you live on our planet, because a fellow human being, maybe even a young and innocent child, needs blood.

As the Red Cross says, “Together we can save a life!”

Here are some contacts both locally and worldwide.

To schedule a blood drive in the United States: 1-800-491-2113

To donate individually in the United States: 1-800-Give Life (1-800-448-3543); (Espanol 1-866-Por Vida; 1-866-767-8432)

To volunteer in the United States: 1-800-498-9910

Worldwide, you can find your local Red Cross contact information at this Web site address:
It will take you to a list of just about every country in the world where there is an International Red Cross or Red Crescent organization. Click on your country to access your local contact information.

If you have a blog or a Web site, I give you full permission to link to this article in the hopes of saving more lives. Let me know about it so I can link to your article too.


From left, Charles Wilcox, Chief Executive Officer, American Red Cross Blood Services, Southern California Region; Mary Melton, second place winner in the religious category for 2006-2007 with 304 units of blood raised; Glen Pierce, Chairman of the Board, American Red Cross Blood Services, Southern California Region.


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Religion Sells Cars

Posted by infinitygoods on September 25, 2007

Used car salesmen have a reputation, and new car dealers aren’t too far behind, but a few have found that flaunting their religion helps them build trust with their customers.  Here are a few that I’ve found along my travels through life, and I think they are on to something great.

At the Premier Pontiac Buick GMC dealership in Seymour, Texas, Derek Williamson puts a Bible in every car sold there.  “I put it on top of everything in the glove box,” he told the Wichita Falls Times Record News.  He puts in one Owner’s Manual for the car and one “Owner’s Manual for Life” in the hopes of helping people and for his customers to know they are buying from a good, honest Christian.

“Maybe if they just think there’s something more important in life than what’s going on right now.  I don’t want anything in return.  I just want to help somebody,” he says.

Bob Smith, a Scion Toyota dealership in La Crescenta, Calif., and a BMW Mini dealership in Calabasas, Calif., not only advertises in the Los Angeles Archdiocese’s The Tidings, but he also lists the name of the churches he and his employees attend under their smiling faces pictured in the ads.  Some even graduated from religious universities.

Jerome Ruzicka, a used car salesman in Chatsworth, Calif., and classic car enthusiast, helps churches in the Los Angeles area sell the cars that are donated to them.  In turn his reputation as the “car guy” has grown through the church’s “seal of approval,” becoming a mutually beneficial relationship and also building long-term friendships along the way.

Ruzicka is also active in the Classic Chevys of Southern California Show held at Rancho San Antonio, a Los Angeles Archdiocese Boys Town in Chatsworth, where they celebrated their 25th annual show in May.

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