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Priest Sees Red Over Sacrilegious Red Bull TV Ad

Posted by infinitygoods on December 3, 2007

Why is it the world thinks it’s perfectly OK to bash Christianity? In a world where clerks are no longer allowed to wish us a Merry Christmas for fear we might prefer to be wished a Happy Eid, despite the fact we are Christmas shopping, no one in Red Bull’s advertising agency gave a second thought to blaspheming the Holy Nativity, Christ’s birth, the Wise Men or angels.

In another example of Christianity being trampled by atheists and other religions, an advertising campaign for the Red Bull energy drink created an animated television commercial with 4 Wise Men, instead of 3, bringing a can of the drink to the Holy Family while angels tout the company slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings.”

Father Marco Damanti, whose written complaints to the company succeeded in the company promising it would pull the ads from Italian airwaves, told the Corriere dela Sera newspaper, “The image of the sacred family has been represented in a sacrilegious way. Whatever the ironic intentions of Red Bull, the advert pokes fun at the Nativity and at Christian sensitivity.”

Red Bull et al obviously expect us to always turn the other cheek!

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Do You Believe In Guardian Angels?

Posted by infinitygoods on October 2, 2007

In the Liturgical Calendar, today is the Feast of Guardian Angels. Now angels are very special to me. I pray to them, I think of them and I display statues and pictures of them around my home. I have done that for as long as I can remember.

AngelA few years ago when I was still working for our church, my son and I were driving down a steep, twisty canyon when suddenly — without the least warning — my steering wheel locked! It was March 9, 2005, to be exact, because while I do not keep a diary, that day at lunch I felt compelled to write about two guardian angels in a little wirebound pad I was carrying in my purse.

“Well, God still wants me on this earth. Today is yet another day which I could have died. The steering wheel on my car completely locked. Completely frozen. It could not budge even with the strength of two muscular men, our two wonderful samaritans, Rick and Joel. In the canyon at a dangerous curve, my car suddenly would not turn and G—– and I ended up crossing the opposing traffic lane and crashing into the side of the mountain! (Thankfully it was the mountain side and not the deep canyon side and by the time we “drove” up the mountain it was just a tap.) So scary to not be master of your own vehicle.

“I am so thankful to God that G—– and I are OK and that God sent us a couple of guardian angels to look after us. Rick, a handsome African-American man stopped to help us. He checked the steering wheel fluid, which was full. He got the car off the mountain side by backing it up. It took many attempts. While he was doing that, our other angel, Joel, a strong construction contractor dressed all in white came to help him and us. Together they planned how to SAFELY get my car off this precarious spot.

“It was a danger for everyone — the four of us, the car, and other drivers. By God’s serendipity Rick was driving a tow truck with a platform. He maneuvered his truck at just the perfect angle so that he could just drive my car straight onto the platform.

“Meanwhile, Joel was up the hill directing traffic, and G—– and I were also directing traffic from down the hill, so that cars would not smash into each other or into my car and Rick. Rick carried my car to the lookout spot, safely away from zooming traffic.

“Many, many people yelled at us for inconveniencing them. Poor them — we were in their way. Some were laughing. It is so funny when a mother and a young child are having car trouble and crashing into the scenery.

“The worst one I thought was the park ranger who was coming down the hill and yelled obscenities at Joel and flipped him off. Joel had slowed him down because he was coming down the hill too fast and he could have crashed. Joel also thought the ranger could have been kind or thoughtful enough to use the lights at the top of his truck for everyone’s safety. After all, a park ranger for the county is supposed to be a service job.

“That ranger certainly isn’t of service to anyone but himself. He zoomed by G—– and me with his gun standing up by the dashboard and arrogantly declared in full visuals that he was too important, he is in charge of all, how dare we be in his way, stepping on his omnipotence over nothing at all really. What a mean, nasty, selfish, stupid, little man.

“Joel kindly took us back home in his shiny white Ford F150 pick-up with four doors. G—– was impressed. He told Joel he liked his truck and that he also missed his dad’s van. He told him the van also had a TV. Of course the current minivan also has a TV, so that’s not really the only reason G—– misses the van, but it’s probably just too hard to put into words for a 6-year-old, or even to know more than on a semi-subconcious level.

“Joel was a very polite man. He asked G—– if he wanted to be called G– or G—– and he kept politely saying “Ma’am.” G—– gave him permission to call him G–!! Joel warned “G–” that his truck is a smelly, dirty construction truck. Afterwards Gabriel remarked how it really wasn’t smelly or dirty. Actually it was pristinely clean inside and out. Joel made conversation with Gabriel, “man to man” kind of stuff, and called him “big fellow” too.

“On the way to the car repair we learned a new shortcut. And I was thinking just how “lucky” we were that the repair shop was right across the street from both the school and my work!

“Although, really, is there such a thing as luck or coincidence? Or even happy accident? More and more it seems — it is proven — that God is in charge!

“It is such a blessing, such a gift of faith, to be working at the rectory. So many insights!

“When Monsignor found out about the accident, he half-jokingly, half-seriously, said he needed to do an exorcism on me! Just too many close calls. This is the third one in just a few months!”

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