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WFMW — Child’s Haircut Without Tears

Posted by infinitygoods on October 16, 2007

Young children are often afraid of getting their hair cut, especially with their first haircut. In some neighborhoods, children’s salons, complete with video games, TVs, candy, lots of noise and general overstimulation are proliferating, but I knew that was not for me or for my baby.

So what’s a loving mommy to do? I made an appointment with my hairdresser for the entire family together. First, my husband sat in the hot seat while baby and I watched daddy get a haircut.

I made lots of comments about daddy looking so handsome. I also showed our child how daddy was so good sitting still to help the hairdresser or how daddy was looking at his shoes until he was asked to look up. Baby was fascinated.

Then came my turn. My husband went through the same routine when I was getting my hair cut. By the time I was done, our baby was begging to get his own hair cut. Of course he already had an appointment, but we “agreed” to let him have a haircut.

The hairdresser said she’d never seen anyone do that before, but that she would recommend this trick to all parents because this had been the easiest child’s haircut she had ever done. No tears, no trauma, no bribes, no fidgeting, just quick, easy and full of happiness and excitement.

I reinforced this newly learned behavior a few times with grandma, auntie and daddy again and pretty soon I had a child so willing to get haircuts without a fuss that even I could do trims myself at home.

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You Can’t Trust Anybody These Days!

Posted by infinitygoods on October 12, 2007

As I turned on the TV news today, I was bombarded with recall after recall. On the headlines: infant cold and cough medicine with even the big names like Tylenol, more pot pies, more toys including Mattel again, baby strollers, carriers, etc. with Winnie the Pooh and made in Korea, lipsticks including name brands like L’Oreal and Dior with the prestige of Paris, but actually subcontracted just like Mattel, and the list went on too.

So what’s happening here? Are the government agencies more stringent than they have been in the past and these recalls would have been under the radar until now? Have companies gone insane and they are trying to kill consumers, the very hand that feeds them? Have some evil forces or the 9/11 Terrorists infiltrated even our formerly most trusted name brands in an attempt to kill even our youngest and our psyches? Are Communist countries like China behind it all?

None of it makes sense, but one thing is sure, the enemy, whoever it may be, is lurking behind every product these days.

Forget name brand loyalty. Forget Tylenol, Mattel, Dior. Spending more won’t be a guarantee of getting a decent product, let alone quality.

Forget saving money at the local dollar store or discount outlet. You’ll surely be putting your life at stake with just about every product there being made in China.

As my grandmother used to say, “we don’t know what to eat and drink anymore.” And what was true then, is mind boggling now. And now add “we don’t know what to breathe anymore” too, because even the smell of popcorn is killing us. (See my related blog post.)

It’s no solution for those of us living in cities, but if things don’t get better soon, at this rate, I foresee having to grow our own food, make our own toys, revert back to milk paint, feed our pets people food — actually with our own dog having been killed by the last pet food recall, we’re ALREADY doing that!

It’s a scary world out there. Self-sufficiency is starting to look good not just to wackos, but to the rest of us too. Horse and buggy here we come!

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