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‘Hey! That Looks Like a Jackson Pollock’

Posted by infinitygoods on October 1, 2007

Digital photography should be part of your children’s lives. We have allowed our son to take digital photos since preschool and are always amazed at what he will come up with. You see he doesn’t always take “traditional” shots the way most adults would. He prefers to experiment. Of course there are the regular snapshots to record memories in the family album, but for the most part he experiments.

For example, while most adults would bring a tripod for a nighttime photo shoot, our son gently shook his camera every which way to see which would render the best special effects of light. And the experimenting does not stop there, it continues after capture in Photoshop and other professional artist programs we own.

A few nights ago during a full moon over the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA, he came up with these modern art versions. They are unretouched. (Click on the image to see full size.)

Moon I

Moon II

Moon III

“Hey! That looks like a Jackson Pollock!” he exclaimed, quite pleased with the results and himself when he downloaded this one on the computer:


I’ve also put these photos in Jigsaw puzzle form for enjoyment of adults and children alike. Perhaps this will also encourage your children or you to experiment with the art and science of photography.

Pollock Jigsaw Puzzle

Moon I Jigsaw Puzzle

Moon II Jigsaw Puzzle

Moon III Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve also added some children’s art and photography books to our featured pages at as well as a documentary about the discovery of a new Pollock painting. The DVD gets 3 thumbs way up from our family, with one word of counsel that, as the title suggests, there are 4-letter words which have been bleeped in that movie. Your children won’t hear the actual words, only the bleeps, but just to forewarn you. “Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?” also gives you a very interesting look at how the art world thinks and keeps itself in a closed circle, and how art is authenticated.

Additionally I’d like to propose that you put a neckstrap on your digital camera and make it a rule for your child that the camera must always be around his neck to photograph (just like a professional), because you know how a 3 year old just suddenly drops his toys? They will do the same thing with your expensive digital camera.

I would also suggest that you take your own photos right along with them. You will not only rediscover the world through brand new eyes, but very importantly it will boost your child’s self-esteem as he feels so proud to do something with mommy or daddy.

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