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Are You Willing To Live Purposefully For God?

Posted by infinitygoods on January 21, 2008

The Green Tree Trail by ((IANB)) posted on Flickr’s public files
God, I have given up my own plans and purposes, my own desires and hopes. Give me strength to accept your will for my life. Help me give myself, my life, my talents, my all to you to be used for your purposes, your plan, your desires and your wishes. Help me become your worthy instrument. Help me accept and recognize your will. With haste, let me follow you without looking back. Let me say no good-byes. Let me not bury the dead. Help me follow you.

I came across a prayer I wrote a few years ago for a bible study class at my church. I was also working for the church and therefore working directly for God at the time. It was one of those spur of the moment things we have to write, off the cuff, while everybody else is also writing and all are self-consciously looking at the people in the room.

It seemed appropriate though that I should happen to find it. It just fell out of a notebook while I was looking for something entirely different, but for the upcoming discussion I will be posting here on this blog during lent about The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It’s one of those things that some people consider mere coincidence while others like me consider it a sign or communication from God. The prayer is about giving up our own plans and purposes to do God’s will. How is that for timeliness?

If you’re interested in The Purpose Driven Life, please join me for the 40 days of lent as we go through each of the 4o short chapters one day at a time. Get ready by buying your own book or making sure your local library has a copy for you.

For more information about this book, check my other post.

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California Fires, Winds Continue Rage; Prayer For Firemen

Posted by infinitygoods on October 23, 2007

UPDATE: To find out ways to help victims, please read my Oct. 30, 2007 post.  Just click HERE.  Thank you!

The winds and fires continue their rage and devastation here in Southern California. At, we pray for our firemen, our heroes who have already saved our home twice in previous mandatory evacuations. May they find strength as they fight this year’s many fires from the border to Santa Barbara. We pray for all those affected directly and indirectly, humans, pets and wildlife, by this year’s wildfires and hurricane-force winds. Lord, please protect all of us from fire, wind, respiratory problems, allergies and anxiety. Lord, please help all those faithful servants who dedicate their working lives to helping us.


St. Florian Prayer


St. Florian, Heaven’s patron of firefighters,
who once was dedicated to the services
of your fellowmen as an official in the
Army of Rome, look with kindly and
professional eye upon your earthly force,
desirous of the preserving of our fellowmen
from the dangers to life and property.
Give us cool heads, stout hearts, strong muscles
an instinct for prudent investigation and
wise judgment.


Make us the terror of arsonists, the friends of
law-abiding citizens, kind to the frightened,
polite to the bores, strict with lawbreakers,
and obstinate to temptations.


In troubles give us strength to be efficient,
in times of great danger, give us the ability
to be calm and enable us to impart assurance
to those who verge on panic.


You know, beloved St. Florian, from the
sacrifice of your own life for the sake of
your faith, that the fireman’s lot on earth
is not always a pleasant one, but your
sense of duty that so pleased God, your
courageous strength that so over-whelmed
the devil and your saintly self-control,
give us inspiration.


Make us as fearless in practicing the laws
of God as we are brave in protecting the
lives and property of our fellowmen, and
when we answer our final alarm, enroll
us in your Heavenly force, where we will be
as proud to protect the throne of God as
we have been to protect the city.



St. Florian was a high-ranking Roman administrator in 3rd century Austria. He is said to have saved a town from burning by throwing a single bucket or pitcher of water on the blaze. When ordered to execute Christians, he professed his faith. He was therefore sentenced to death by fire. He is said to have challenged the Roman soldiers by telling them, “If you do, I will climb to heaven on the flames.” The soldiers instead tortured him and threw him in the river to drown.

St. Florian is invoked as a powerful protector from dangers from fire, floods and drowning. St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters, chimney sweeps, coopers, barrel-makers, brewers, soap boilers and Austria. He is invoked against battles, fires, drowning, floods and for fire protection and harvests.

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