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Tarzan’s Cheeta oldest living chimp @ 75, active painting, exhibiting artwork

Posted by infinitygoods on August 30, 2007

It could be a joke: “Old chimps never die, they exhibit their artwork in museums and get published alongside Jackson Pollack” — except it’s TRUE!

The same Cheeta who kept Johnny Weissmuller and other Tarzans company in 12 movies is not only still alive at 75 years of age, he is spending his retirement in Palm Springs painting abstracts, exhibiting in museums and galleries, and getting press coverage in newspapers, magazines and this blog. He also has his own star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars on the West side of Palm Canyon Drive between Tahquitz and Arenas.

The National Museum of London displayed three of Cheeta’s paintings 12 years ago. Most recently, he was exhibiting this summer at the Lancaster Museum and Art Gallery in Southern California. Titled “Walk on the Wild Side — A Wildlife Art Exhibition,” the show also featured work by homo sapiens.

If you’re curious about Cheeta’s artwork, go to his website at Donations of $135 or more will get you your very own Cheeta art in the mail and will support him and his friends during retirement. And if you’d like to see him in action during his younger days, his Tarzan movies are available here. They’re great family entertainment.

2 Responses to “Tarzan’s Cheeta oldest living chimp @ 75, active painting, exhibiting artwork”

  1. Dwight Fry said

    Yesterday, my sister and I received our paintings by Cheeta. It took eleven days to receive these originals, created just for us with our chosen colors. They are beautiful beyond words.

    Please get your own original art and support

  2. Judy Dickmann said

    As much as I would like to buy a painting by Cheeta, I just can’t afford one right now. However, I would like to purchase the book, ME CHEETA. Can I purchase the book from you or could you please tell me where I can. I think it’s amazing that Cheeta is 76 and would love to read his story. Thanks, Judy

    Judy: Have you tried Amazon, Barnes & Noble or even Google? I am not affiliated with the book or with Cheeta, so I’m sorry that I cannot sell you this book.

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