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WFMW — Themed Week — Ask a Question

Posted by infinitygoods on October 2, 2007

Welcome back to Works For Me Wednesday. This week’s theme is to ask a question rather than giving advice.

As we have a great and knowledgeable Internet community, let’s learn from each other by answering:

How do you increase traffic to your blog or website?

If you came here looking for tips and ideas, here are links to my previous 2 WFMW posts:

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* Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags in the Car

Also visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer who hosts the Works For Me Wednesdays. Her site will link you to all the participants.

11 Responses to “WFMW — Themed Week — Ask a Question”

  1. I think the key to increasing blog traffic is to be a good blog reader. A blogger needs to read and comment on other people’s blogs to generate more traffic on their own blog. And, of course, it’s best to do meaningful comments, not just fluff just to try to get more traffic on your own blog.

  2. Definitely visit and comment on other sites. Blogging seems to be a community mind-set. Join in on a conversation, comment often and invite people back.

    Write interesting, amusing, thought provoking posts. Ask questions/opinions in your posts.

    Participate in a carnival or other writing event.

    I can’t wait to hear what other tips you receive. Great question!

    Duckabush Blog

  3. infinitygoods said

    Angie and Kathy, thank you for leaving your comments. Those are all great ideas. I know it will help not only me, but all the others who stop by this post.

    I saw my stats for overnight while I was sleeping and wow so many of you stopped by! But you didn’t leave a comment. I love comments. Don’t we all? So please don’t be shy, I’m friendly and so are the others. Besides, that’s the WHOLE point to Shannon’s theme this week. What are a bunch of questions if there are no answers?

    Now during the night I was thinking. Do any of you use Digg,, any others? Do you like them? Does it work for you? What’s the best way to go about it?

    Keep the ball going, don’t let it stop here. Let’s have fun!!

    If you have a related question feel free to ask it. Maybe the others or I can answer it.

    Blessings to you all.

  4. Tanya said

    I don’t have any advice.
    But after reading your last comment, I had to stop to say Hi!
    I will be interested to read any other answers you might receive!

  5. infinitygoods said

    Hello Tanya!
    I’m so glad for your visit. Thank you for taking the time to post and say “Hi!”

    I’m on my way to your blog, Kathy’s and Angie’s as well as many of our other friends at Rocks In My Dryer.

    See you soon! And you’re all invited back here anytime.

  6. chilihead said

    As mentioned above, commenting consistently on others’ blogs is a good start. Writing a great blog is a must. I think the writing more than anything is what keeps readers coming. Don’t forget that hosting a carnival is also a good way to gain exposure.

  7. infinitygoods said

    Thank you, Chilihead. I love carnivals too and I couldn’t agree more about the quality of the writing. Great writing is imperative for return traffic.

  8. Ashley said

    I don’t have any ideas but I love that you ask this cuz I was wondering the same thing. I definitely need to comment more but sometimes I am too shy and I don’t want anyone to wonder why in the world I read their blog in the first place. Some people worry a lot about who reads their blog (you know, weirdos and such) but really I just enjoy reading about other people’s lives and I get such great ideas about stuff from people I have never met. Can’t wait to read what other answers you get!

    I’ll be checkin back later!


  9. Louise said

    While commenting on other blogs will initially drive some traffic to your site, what keeps people coming back is writing well, writing often, and having a unique voice. Think about the blogs you visit regularly. Do they make you laugh? Make you think? Embody a lifestyle you want to achieve? Tell you how to do something better?

    Now ask yourself what your blog does to keep ’em coming.

    Great question, BTW. It looks like your blog has a definite theme and is offering something unusual to the world. That’s great!

  10. infinitygoods said

    Thank you Ashley and Louise,
    You both have great comments. I’ll put up a recap of all the wonderful ideas and insights at the bottom of my post on the next WFMW. I hope that way it will be easy for all of us to share and use.

  11. Rooster said

    Writing an article which captures the imagination of your potential reader or commentor.
    Good Luck 🙂

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